Zeke at Vegas View Studio  [2013]
 Zeke Saadiq
  | Emcee | Lyricist | Audio Engineer | BFA: Audio Prod.|
2016 - "The Beauty In The Darkness" [MERCY over Justice Productions]

"Raw emotion. Krisna consciousness. TBITD (the beauty in the darkness) 
is a heady mix giving voice to the confusion called life. 
A musical/spiritual kin to 80’s hardcore punk, 
this album is no descendent of tin pan alley. 
The focus here is on freedom of expression, 
whether it comes from the anger of a breakup 
to the realization dark times help us see life more clearly. 
The entire album is a journey, encompassing the experience of 
getting too caught up in the moment all the way towards developing 
one’s own definition of spirituality. "Scapegoat" is an impassioned diatribe 
against unfair blame and people’s inability to see how others change. 
The hypnotic groove of "F*** around" unites with a hallucinatory barrage of rhymes, 
exposing how often crass emotion rolls with deep thought. 
The heavy and dark atmosphere in "Laughin at my misery" 
comes across as overwhelmingly negative at first, 
until you realize it’s about that point when you find the humor in the darkest corners. 
Zeke Saadiq’s "The Beauty in the Darkness" 
is a hard hitting psychedelic album; 
repeated listens are necessary 
to fully appreciate and 
grasp the entirety of its layers." 
- Brian Grimmett June.28th, 2016
"A different and innovative sound and style best describes Zeke, always has an interesting way of delivering his message." - Gilbert Guillen; Grammy Nominated Audio Engineer, MUNHA Records

    Zeke Saadiq is a character amongst characters. He is a man of many names and rap monikers, but his most recent one demonstrates his deep acceptance of himself. Zeke is short for his first name Ezekiel. Saadiq means truthful and honest, and is made up by a combination of his last names. Zeke’s diverse roots and upbringing literally give him a world of flavors to offer to his style. He's a Lyricist, Emcee, Rapper, Poet and Truth-Speaker.

    Zeke has been a fan of music and social awareness since childhood. Being of a mixed background, gaining knowledge of world cultures and religions became his passion. Zeke has loved Hip Hop since his youth and in his teens began freestyle rapping under the name “Tradre Joe”. He kept the name for some time and was eventually lined up to perform at the 2007 Nevada NORML 4/20 show, debuting his self-produced album “Rogue Devotee”.

    After a deeper shift in spiritual consciousness, Zeke re-emerged on the Music scene as “Prince Tiny”. During the “Prince Tiny” era, he took 2nd place at the 2010 Iron Mic Battle, a freestyle competition in Downtown Las Vegas. He also took 2nd place in the 2011 "I AM Conscious Music" Competition. Unfortunately, after such a bold attempt at consciousness, promises were broken and life lessons slapped “Prince Tiny” in the face. In the midst of the darkness returned one of Zeke’s darker sides, “Roberto [Bobby] DiNero”. Bobby DiNero Mixtapes will reveal more of this persona, and side of Zeke.

    Lately, Zeke has been in his own mind and heart, developing his own styles, acknowledging who he is as a person, and molding his form for his upcoming truth-speaking projects. His musical styles are eclectic, his topics are contradictory, but his heart and voice are poured out into all of his work.In his own words, “I’ve come a long way, and I’m keeping it up until my mission is accomplished. I have to fulfill the destiny of Sin City Saints for my Godbro, Lost Devotee. I’ve got a lot of ideas. Stay tuned for some crazy beats, more raps in Spanish, more Love, hate, honesty, and more Zeke!”.

    Furthermore, Zeke Saadiq is the founder of MERCY over Justice Productions. Started in 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada, MERCY over Justice focuses on conscious and truthful lyrics in Hip Hop music. Zeke Saadiq is a spiritual seeker and Hare Krishna. Although Zeke claims himself to be a "Rogue Devotee" he is indeed highly influenced by his spiritual path, which is apparent in his life and music.