MERCY over Justice Productions was founded by Zeke Saadiq in 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The primary mission of MoJ is to deliver conscious and thought-provoking spiritual lyrics to the masses through Hip Hop music. Much attention has been given to perfect the sound, and create something that even mainstream music fans can enjoy.

The current MoJ roster consists of: 

Sin City Saints [zeke saadiq, b.c. logic, ksd, lost devotee]

Zeke Saadiq

The Bhakta Tonics [zeke saadiq + jagabandhudas]

Grey Djedi [raashan the zodiak + zeke saadiq]

Collaboartive Projects: MOJ Collabs. 

This is an extension of the MoJ banner in the fields of collaborative projects with artists that are not directly afiliated to M.o.J. Productions. As artists evolve, labels also evolve. We are grateful for the opportunities! Mercy flows endlessly. Mad Love to the MERCY Junkies and MERCY over justice extended family: MOJ Collabs.

Collabs to come

GREY DJEDI - Zeke Saadiq & Raashan the ZodiaK

Zeke Saadiq & Taeryn Rayne of Dream Escape Productions [DESP]

Albums published by MERCY over Justice

Zeke Saadiq - "The Beauty In The Darkness" [2016]

Prince Tiny [zeke saadiq] - "Shades of Grey" [2012]​
MERCY over Justice in 2013
Sin City, NV
 MERCY over Justice 
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